Corporate event: KG conscripts

Corporate event: KG conscripts

Client: UAB „KG Constructions“

Date: 2017 07 15

Location: Homestead „Luokesų dvaras“

Number of participants: 80

Could it be a more appropriate and relevant topic for the men’s team than the military?! It has been contrasting and scandalous in society and has always given rise to one or another reaction, but it undoubtedly has many advantages – independence, physical activity, disguise, ability to survive in various conditions.

The KGC company conscripts were first and foremost a company that not only thought of their names and slogans, but also painted flags on materials and faces. After the original introductions, the fight for points began – teams not only competed in each match, but also picked up props throughout the homestead that helped outrun their opponents. The newcomers did not escape tooth-chanting, and while greenery nets swept across the forested farmhouse, the companies built both rafts and forest shelters, and learned accuracy by shooting with both guns and bows. After treading their feet on the trampoline track, the participants carefully placed them on a fictitious minefield.

The main goal, of course, was not the points, but the coordinates that only the most clever could reveal, by skilfully and team-building all the parts of the map for them and breaking through the encrypted code of their individual chest. And who do you coordinate with then? .. For the winners to secure their victory by waving their team flag there!

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