Corporate event: Team of a century

Corporate event: Team of a century


Date: 2018 07 14

Location: "Žeimenos vingis"

Number of participants: 70

The train trip, which has already become a Business Card of the Eventum Group, has also delighted the participants of the Integre Company’s Centenary Team event this year. The journey from Vilnius railway station to the homestead started with a great emotion, helped by DJs, having a real party on the train!

On arrival, the newcomers were challenged – we found out how they knew the company, and those who did worse still had some tasks to do – after all, the newcomers had to earn their name in the company, didn’t they?

The homestead has four activity areas: Lithuanian Centennial, Scientific, Active and Common, where all teams scored points and competed for the top team title.

While awaiting the awards, the audience was amazed by the performance of science and physics, and in the evening, the live music band “Joel Band” simply lifted everyone from the ground with their energy and youthful maximalism.

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