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Eventum Group’s main fields of expertise are summer and winter corporate events, anniversaries, and team-building events. Additionally, we organize opening events for new buildings and delivery of services and products, as well as exhibitions, conferences, camps, and personal events. We have developed two types of team-building activities – the Baltic program and the pub crawl.

Our motto: Events – without rain!

We always do our best to get rid of the dark clouds above during any event – be it last-minute changes or poor weather. All unforeseen situations are solved fast and thoroughly – and the sky is clear again!


Transparent communication both within our team and with clients is our strength. The quality and the result of an event is as important to us as it is to our clients.

Strong Team

We invest our time and efforts into the growth and motivation of our team. The strength of our team is their competence and expertise in the field and its newest trends.


Our extensive experience in event management allows us to make decisions faster and use our time in a more efficient manner. We hold both ourselves and our partners to a high standard, and therefore we promise that they can be relied on.


Creativity, unorthodox solutions and ideas as well as special attention to our offers turn each event into a unique experience.

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