Eventum Group team

Experienced team of event organizers always looking for new creative winds

Long-term experience

Since 2011 we organize events in a creative and purposeful way. Over 350 events of various sizes organizations – this is our number we can be proud of.

Attitude towards events

Events for us – not just work. It is a patchwork of our dreams, thoughts and ideas. We grow and cherish every event until full and assured fulfillment.

Wider idea

We are not limited to events – we are trying to spread the idea of right leisure time and know everything in this sphere!


Turn every organized event into a unique emotional experience


To be an event organizing agency – a leader in Lithuania

Eventum Group - more than events

Our green crocodile Leisure Guru – our symbol

At the beginning of the company in 2011, the two founders of the company, with the help of artist Antanas Dubra, created a crocodile Leisure Guru, with the help of a few fellow artists, to promote and disseminate fair leisure time, recommend attractions and events.

Leisure Guru – a true expert of leisure time.

A few years later, the Crocodile Leisure Guru became the trademark of Eventum Group. Today it reflects the right attitude towards events, sincerity, certainty, openness and unplayed emotions. On this site we present our proven event venues and attractions that may be useful for your celebration or just for leisure.

We are delighted with the story we have started

Years of activity and improvement
Organized events
Developed and customized themes for events

Trust in us

And many others...