Corporate event: Continents of the world

Corporate event: Continents of the world

Client: UAB Dominari

Date: 2019 07 20

Location: Žirnaja homestead

Number of participants: 120

As our clients successfully expanded, we invited them to symbolically celebrate this by visiting five continents. We traveled with different tasks: we participated in active activities, went on creative photo hunting, brainstorming, participated in orienteering. During the evening, we competed in an auction that saw many great prizes, including an impressive dessert show. The dancing lasted until the morning because the DJ did not let anyone sad!


The multicolored event allowed participants to showcase their strengths – speed, strength, intelligence and creativity. The event united the participants for a common purpose, everyone could find interesting and acceptable tasks that were fun, unexpected and expanding knowledge. The organizers managed to find a balance between solidarity and fun.

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