Corporate event: Farm

Corporate event: Farm

Client: UAB „Eugesta“

Date: 2016 08 20

Location: Farm „Guosta“

Number of participants: 250

Together with Eugesta employees, we spent this summer celebration on a real American farm! The company manager, who came on horseback, greeted the team and invited them to join the meadow. Here, 12 farmer teams opened the event by participating in a creative speed competition to create the most inventive scarecrow. After an impressive initial competition, the whole day was full of fun, with teams tasting American burgers and participating in four farm areas – porch, outdoor, meadow and barn.

The most active could compete in the farmer’s relay, pillow volleyball, giant ball soccer, backyard basketball, or football, wearing large ball-shaped suits. The top scorers earned points for their teams by knocking down bean cans, trying to hide a friend’s head under the shadow of a long-throw hat, throwing firewood, lashing at a bull, trying to knock a fellow horse off a fake horse. The hardest ones were waiting for the tampers, climbing the rope, and the participants could demonstrate their strength by breaking the record for haymaking. The smartest and most meticulous were selecting the grain, trying to predict how many peas in the dish, and showing their knowledge in a themed battle of the minds. In the scenario of the festival, as with the funniest events – including surprises – all the most capable farmers unite to help get off the bus in the dirt! Surprise, unity and lots of laughter in one!

After a full day of active entertainment, the evening kicked off with Eugesta’s patient dance lesson. How could such an event be done without Cotton Eye Joe? Next up – relaxation – sauna and hot tub. Of course, after the election of Ramūnas Cicėnas’ Best Pair of Farmers, we have not forgotten the best awards either. As it is, the best-performing team of the day is invited to start the fun with the adorable 4 Roses in cowboy hats!


The laughter of Eugesta farmers continued for three days after the summer meeting and returned to the offices. Thank you for the good ideas of the celebration, the great organization, the responsibility and the attention to detail. We were very pleasantly surprised by the company’s internal organizers with unexpected surprises – the horse and the fact that we were able to relax and have fun with our colleagues.

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