Corporate event: COMPANY OF HONOR

Corporate event: COMPANY OF HONOR


Date: 2018 08 04

Location: Aerodream

Number of participants: 150

Teams from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania came to the meeting place. We were ready, we were waiting for them. It was a Ramirent Company of Honor.

All who arrived received jewels, which will remind them of a sunny Saturday, during which all became military. The company was greeted by Captain Michail Freeshman, who introduced the chants and platoon leaders of the day: the men of, who prepared a real challenge.

Participants underwent basic training, learned how to provide first aid, made stretchers, and more. All this was not just for ourselves – all the teams traveled to the forest to learn how to navigate the forest and work as one big team – after all, this year is especially important to all of us in the Baltic States, celebrating our countries’ Independence. The final stretch of the Orienteering Championship was a bit unusual – inflatable but not fooled, it takes effort and determination to get through. And thanks to their accuracy, the squad members added extra points to their teams.

After the military trials, Ramirent’s team has curbed its enthusiasm for a tradition of networking. Such furious struggles could be the envy of even the European, where European, World Cup.

The culmination of the evening was the appearance of Project Mayhem, in which men watched muscle work and accepted the challenge of contractions, while women … Well, women admired men.

This evening we were looking for a company of honor. After all the day’s challenges and activities, we found it and the whole Ramirent team became it!

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