Corporate event: Mission – Adrenaline

Corporate event: Mission – Adrenaline


Date: 2018 07 21

Location: Adventure park "Tarzanija"

Number of participants: 90

Offer something extreme, active and passionate. With this sentence, we started planning the KG Construction event. After deliberation, we found ourselves in the Tarzania adventure park on Mission: Adrenaline.

Dzūkija Park is known for its tracks among the trees, which are as many as 7 (yes, yes, their difficulties are different and not everyone can overcome), the Nemunas flight and free fall entertainment, which only the bravest are committed to. But did you know that in this adventurous country you can go karting, test your tire, skate on crazy roller coasters, and enjoy Dzukija’s nature by rafting on the Nemunas River and spending time in the hall on the Nemunas bank? Yes, the KG Construction team not only learned about all these entertainment but also tried it out.

At the end of the day, manager Jonas Radzevičius awarded the most adrenaline-fueled team, which scored the most points after winning the event. What happened next? Of course, dancing, long conversations and songs, after all, if you celebrate, celebrate.

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