Corporate event: Back to the future

Corporate event: Back to the future

Client: Neste Oil Lietuva

Date: 2015 12 18

Location: Restaurant „Paviljonas“

Number of participants: 45

At the beginning of the evening, guests were greeted with a special “future” attribute – shining jewelery, and immediately served with colorful, steaming cocktails. There were innovative activities throughout the event that involved all the guests and created a lot of positive emotions. There was also a special show for the presenter at the street circus and a show by scientists-physicists, and the luminous furniture and steaming dishes created a modern and mysterious impression. Guests were invited to immerse themselves in virtual reality with the help of special glasses, had the opportunity to create music themselves interactively, take photos and instantly get their hands on them. The evening’s musical guests demonstrated how classical instruments can play contemporary music and present it in a completely different way. The evening was full of good emotions and laughter, while the mystical setting and the activities selected appropriately allowed the guests to travel to the future.

In the program:
The activity of the presenter Vyacheslav Mickiewicz – performance of street circus, game “Black box”: items from the past “;
Activities Mash Machine and Oculus virtual reality goggles;
The appearance of the science storm: physics and nitrogen tricks;
Feel the light photography activities;
PrintaPrint photo activity, guest photos;
Evening band VOICELESS

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