Corporate event: Rock via pop

Corporate event: Rock via pop

Client: Neste Lietuva

Date: 2019 01 19

Location: Jazz Cellar

Number of participants: 35

This evening, the celebration of the winter event brought together Neste Lithuania participants who were embodied in rock and pop style characters. The atmosphere was very hot as the scene featured Michael Frishman, rock and, Musa Magda, pop representatives who kept you bored and made everyone move! Participants had the opportunity to take a photo on the wall as well as adjust their appearance by getting tattoos or face glitter.

After a hearty and delicious dinner, participants were invited to a Beer Pong tournament and a brainstorming session. Each participant could participate in karaoke, demonstrate their musical abilities and test their knowledge of visual issues. During the evening, the winners of the best Rock and Pop costume, known for being awarded, were selected. The event was concluded by Muse Magda and Michael Frishman with musical performances.

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