Corporate event: MASQUERADE BALL

Corporate event: MASQUERADE BALL

Client: Nasdaq

Date: 2017 12 08

Location: Bardakas, Vilniaus g. 22

Number of participants: 250

In the center of the capital on a frigid winter Friday night, the townspeople noticed an unusual entrance to the Bardakas club. Everyone’s eyes were drawn to the luxuriously themed entrance, inviting you to dive into the mysterious world of the Masked Ball. Unfortunately, this time only the Nasdaq team went to the secret party.

As the red carpet struck, guests immersed themselves in the intriguing world of Masquerade Ball. Only the arriving guests were greeted by their strange and mystical mimes, the magnificent decorations, the circle of happiness, where each participant could complete the evening raffle and win valuable prizes. The masked guests could test their sense of smell and enjoy the variety of scents in the scent test. The participants of the event did not miss the opportunity to capture this image in the photo mirrors. Each Masquerade ball has its own secret, and the Nasdaq team looked for questions from a cipher who raised question marks throughout the evening, creating the feeling that the mystery had moved to the party and walked among the guests.

Vytautas Rumšas Jr. became the conductor of the Masks Ball, who took care of the guests’ mood, good emotion and did not leave any masks without attention throughout the evening. The party was full of fun, laughter and surprises, but that’s what you should expect at a party.

In masquerade, the most important thing is the mask, because most people do not change, only their masks change. Over the course of the evening, the owners of the most inventive costumes were chosen, the winners of the cipher and olfactory battle were announced, and the prize winner was awarded.

At the end of the evening, as the Queens Of Roses trio climbed to the stage, the guests did not choke on their movements and voices, all immersed themselves in the emotion of the party, and there was no end to the dance. No need, after all, the party is just getting started!

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