Corporate event: SEB Great Gatsby

Corporate event: SEB Great Gatsby

Client: AB SEB bankas

Date: 2015 12 10

Location: Vilniaus Rotušė

Number of participants: 500

PARTNERS: presenter Domantas Bugailiškis, illusionist Mantas Wizard, singer Edgaras Lubys with the band, SEB music group Triple J & co, photographers Goodlife, decorator Aida Povilaitytė, technical support “Light loud”, DJ Mindaugas Žiupsnis, dance studio , Actors of the “Academy of Mask” trust, “Green screen entertainment”, “Taurakalnis”, “Champagne pyramid” “Wine evenings” and others.

The eventum group began the Christmas season with the most gorgeous, sophisticated and fun theme – The Third Decade by Greater Getsby. This period is exceptional because of the prohibition law, but champagne flows freely, Chanel No. 5 perfumes, the first soundtrack, Mickey Mouse, Charleston, jazz and foxtrot to the party – a 1920s party where women have the chance to dress up in the most exclusive dresses of the time, and men are well on their way to being a gentleman in the 1930s and with a cigar in hand.

In the program:

Thematic proto battle
An illusionist show
Performances by musical groups
Lindyhop Dancers Performance and Lesson
Unconventional awards for the best employees at SEB
Taking pictures at the Green screen
Genuine Gothic dancing till dawn

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