Corporate event: Steampunk

Corporate event: Steampunk

Client: SEB Shared Service

Date: 2017 12 15

Location: Kablys

Number of participants: 450

Victorian technology, wrenches, massive hats and steam machines, mysticism, magic and all sorts of anomalies have become an integral part of the SEB Shared Service Center Vilnius party.

Just after arriving at the venue, the participants, domesticated by the spirit of Steampunk, entered the city of Vilnius, an alternate mecca for space, the Kabli, where they were greeted by their peculiar astonishment. In a space decorated with propellers, clock motifs, balloons and other details, guests reached the bank where they raised themed money for activities, got involved in cockroach racing, made bets, and met a face researcher who revealed more about the man than he knew himself. Victorian heroes did not let go of handguns, where they reached the company’s target of 6,000 points and for this reason sent their executives to the endurance Get Fit workout.

Domantas Bugailiškis, who took control of the evening joystick, opened the evening in the Kabli skate park space. As they began their journey to the past, guests began watching the performance of pirate acrobats rope-climbing nearly 10 meters, which made every guest wonder, “What if it falls?” But they did not fall, and Domantas could calmly drive the ship, introduce the guests to the evening, introduce cockroaches, each with a name and a story of his life. We each have it.

After the opening of the event, the guests did not forget to replenish their resources and had a rich and delicious dinner, without the results will not be achieved!

The event did not miss the company’s best, longtime employees and the most creatively incarnated Steampunk representatives. There was also an auction where guests spent all their money on a cockroach race, tire, or borrowed from colleagues at an auction.

The steampunk party ended with the always charismatic and theatrical “Antique Kashpirovisky Teeth,” which managed to make everyone, those who were displaced by time, forget about the future, screws, or technology, and dive into the bustle of the party. After the appearance of “Antique Kashpirovsky Teeth” all the guests traveled to another space where they were greeted by a DJ and did not leave until the morning


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