Corporate event: The Great Gatsby

Corporate event: The Great Gatsby

Client: Finėjas Group

Date: 2019 01 19

Location: Vaidilos teatras

Number of participants: 180

In the middle of January, I invited my Finėjas Group colleague to my Getsby party. Ascending the stairs, guests found themselves in the fabulous Vaidila theater hall.

At my parties I love decor, elegance, surprises and entertainment. The party was opened by Lindyhop dancers who perfectly convey the spirit of the 1930s. In my opinion, our colleagues need to be appreciated and rewarded properly. After nominating and rewarding the employees of the company, I solemnly invited the guests to dinner after the event, after all, only the belly of the belly is part of the joy of the evening.

Throughout the evening, I invited guests to play gambling and the Getsby Gamble – to raise money that was exchanged at the end of the evening for prizes at a gambling auction.

It’s always fun for me to see what the guests think, so I invited them to participate in a voting game that helped us find out who knows the team best.

Have I already mentioned that decorations and elegance are very important to me at a party? Art Deco stylistics, the third decade, great taste, all of which was reflected in the event space and known to the guests. It was not without reason that the most gettish couple was chosen at the party, which perfectly reflected all the aspects that are mandatory at my party.

When I go back to the 1930s, I remember the prohibition that gave rise to ambiguous feelings. Prohibitions have never been the best way to get the result you want, but the dry law has created a culture of cocktails and best practices. The bartenders who appeared at the party caught the attention of everyone in attendance. Their performance, the champagne pyramid and cocktails have taken me back to the prohibition that still brings nostalgia to Greater Gettysburg.

You become sentimental, you won’t deny it. I leave the party in good hands before leaving. After all the program I had prepared, a freak on the floor appeared on the stage, which did not cause sadness and made every participant move! DJs maintained the atmosphere and extended the party.

How and when did the party end? Not sure, but one thing is clear: A little party never killed nobody.

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