Corporate event: Lithuania 100 – Nation 100

Corporate event: Lithuania 100 – Nation 100


Date: 2018 08 10

Location: Farmstead "Skaistis"

Number of participants: 25

This year is special for Lithuania, we are celebrating the centenary of Lithuania’s inertia. We invited the Northern Baltic team to celebrate this occasion by getting acquainted with the roots of Lithuania: Baltic traditions near the beautifully clear lake – Skaistis.

We summoned the team to a lazy – a gathering of different tribes for the sake of unity and fortune – and went out into nature, where the collective felt each other, becoming an even stronger team in the presence of the gods. We invited the Northern Baltic team to compete in authentic and original, modern-day matches that share our ancient pagan roots. After all, this is our millennium in Lithuania, marked by unity and struggle. Looking at the Lithuanian past, we have mentioned the centenary of the state, strong and independent.

Experienced representatives of the Baltic culture conducted active, strategic and educational activities. The guests immersed themselves in centuries-old games, made ancient stew – practically touched Lithuanian history. They also tested their strength in the Warrior Challenge match, and the teams honored their unity and strength in the rite to fire with the fire of the holy fire.

After celebrating Freedom and trying their hand, the band spent the night on the dance floor, where they left their last available force.

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