Corporate event: The Balts spirit

Corporate event: The Balts spirit

Client: UAB Baumit

Date: 2015 12 17

Location: Kaimo turizmo sodyba "Ilgajis"

Number of participants: 22

Announced at the end of 2015, the Year of the Ethnographic Region, the Baumit team commemorated its short trip to an inspirational, tale-filled environment! The participants, who came from Vilnius and Riga, had the opportunity to walk along the history trails, which testify to the long-term connection between Lithuanians and Latvians – the Balts. So far, having only trade relations, Latvians and Lithuanians have been invited to the celebration of the Grand Duke, whose aim is to secure the friendship of these nations in the face of the gods, with the approaching solstice (St. Christmas) when any deal is twice as strong. After the beautiful celebration another purpose (like in the Battle of the Sun in Šiauliai) hiding under the veil was to gather the best soldiers for the upcoming battle against the Livonian Order, foretold by heroes and sorcerers.
The Baltic program invited me to become a member of the team. All the participants were divided into three teams and represented a certain Baltic tribe, for example: the Kursis, Seliai, Jotvingians, Semigallians and so on. During the day, all the tribes took part in active, authentic, yet original and engaging games on a rotational basis that required them to practice their dexterity, logical thinking, concentration and, of course, teamwork. The program also looked forward to – authentic food, homemade beer tasting, competitions, evening rites. The true pagan lifestyle enchants with its organic and sincere nature. Experiences have blended into memory, building BAUMIT’s strengths and uniting personalities from different countries.
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