Corporate event: The Balts

Corporate event: The Balts

Client: Ensemble LIETUVA

Date: 2015 09 25

Location: Elniakampio sodyba

Number of participants: 65

Ensemble Lithuania as a true Lithuania is big and different: dancers, singers, instrumentalists, administration. Such a group of creative people are known to enjoy quality leisure, but at the same time it is a considerable task, because the ensemble or its individual members have seen a lot and it is difficult to surprise them, so we decided not to risk other cultures or popular entertainment. The unconventional part of this event was that no one knew where the event was actually going. Thinking that they were traveling to a mandatory conference / training session, the participants reacted to our confidence quite passively, and when they saw that the whites, who otherwise could not, did all the activities outdoors, even in the rain, they began to moan about the unoccupied bots and umbrellas. However, encouraged by the “Serious Hiking” guys, the participants took the risk and tried out the activities and then got so involved that they were no longer disturbed by wet feet or the sky. The lunch at the Marceliukės kletis restaurant, which intervened in the Baltic program, warmed up, and the praise for the authentic, stew-cooked Baltic stew continued throughout the evening. The breakthroughs and weaknesses of teamwork discussed at the scrap helped us look more clearly at future plans and apply them to the team, perhaps to find new solutions. In the evening, the still tired and active band of the Lithuanian ensemble was served by “Marceliukės granary”, which also provided kibinai and broth for breakfast. After all, the nightclub can’t sing. 🙂 Everyone who wanted to sweat in the bathhouse and swam in the pond, and the number of people staying over and over, barely enough beds. Here is how Lithuania celebrates.

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