Corporate event and exhibition: Baltic Way

Corporate event and exhibition: Baltic Way

Client: Officeday

Date: 2018 04 26

Location: K29, Vaidila Theater

Number of participants: 500

Officeday Centennial Exhibition welcomed everyone in the main space of the K29 building. Curved cardboard construction that perfectly matched the local interior and fulfilled the idea of ​​the event: the Baltic centenary. The curve of the cardboard construction symbolizes the Baltic Way, and when viewed from the other side, the waves of the Baltic Sea. The sea wave motif was also reproduced by a photo wall that captured interesting facts about Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

During this exhibition, people were introduced to innovations in office supplies and services, from pens to interactive TVs and pocket-size photo printers. The Officeday exhibition also invited visitors to attend five free seminars.

The centenary of the exhibition was the finale of the “Best Administrator” competition. During this session, an administrator was chosen, who, with her ability, communication and diligence, stood out among the other girls and, after winning, launched the Rube Goldberg construction machine, which became the highlight of the entire exhibition.

After a long and eventful day at the Centennial Exhibition, all guests gathered at the Vaidila Theater for a VIP evening. In the luxurious theater hole, the participants of the event were greeted by girls in three national costumes, inviting them to taste national cuisine from all three countries.

For the opening of the event, a laser show specially designed for the evening was selected on the lit bubbles, which surprised not one, if not all. This was followed immediately by the performance of the Electric Ladies girls, which perfectly complemented the previous performance.

It is said that the key to a good event is the presenter. Well, we won’t lie, the presenter is part of the guarantee that the event will be a success. Vytautas Rumšas Jr. is exactly that guarantor. Always a fascinating actor who speaks between three languages, he can grab everyone’s attention and get involved in all evening games.

Officeday The centenary was crowned by the performance of Tadas Juodsnukis with the band, during which everyone remembered well-known songs and allowed to sing together during the Eurovision Song Contest of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The energetic musical performance was followed by a disco accompanied by lasers. Well, how did the evening end? It remains in the memory of those present.

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