Presentation: Douglas products presentation

Presentation: Douglas products presentation

Client: UAB Douglas

Date: 2015 10 22

Number of participants: 200

Cosmetics and Perfumery Network DOUGLAS has invited its most loyal customers, friends and partners on the evening of October 22 to present exclusive products at the revitalized Hook Bar. An extraordinary presentation of the products took place at the filming site, and DOUGLAS invited her clients to take a look behind the scenes. The event is packed with beauty news, surprises and giveaways as well as exclusive entertainment.
All women are good actresses in the heart, so during the evening, even three professional filming sites were allowed to reveal their secret talents. Evening parties dedicated to a creative experiment with the Douglas Make Up product line were painted by professional make-up artists, while the most prominent Lithuanian film directors, assistants and cameramen advised and acted in front of the cameras. Three product video clips were filmed and edited and previewed during the evening.
Even the cocktail bar was unusual and reminded me of an alchemist’s lab. Set up for one night, it was called CHABAUD. Just like the Chabaud Maison de Parfum, a family-owned niche French perfume that creates luxurious perfumes, toilet water, candles and indoor scents. Six new aromas are revealed as incredible masterpieces of taste – Bar CHABAUD lets you smell the smell of cocktails, the recipe of which was created specifically for this evening.
3D Glasses, the most commonly used animated film ever, have moved into the underwater world of LA MER, which inspired the creation of these cosmetics. These goggles also provided a glimpse into the extraordinary, colorful South Africa, followed by travel and inspiration from cosmetic designer BOBBI BROWN.
It was possible to become real stars during the party! There was an impressive photo wall and the chance to become a Philips or Stenders image star in the DOUGLAS catalog. Inspired by northern nature, the STENDERS cosmetics brand delivers pleasing sensations and aesthetics. All the women at the stand felt a real caress of rose petals.
A wonderful evening, like a rehearsal of the most beautiful winter festivities, was culminated by a concert by Vaidas Baumila, a cake and presents for every member of the DOUGLAS family looking for good mood and beauty secrets with DOUGLAS.
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