Client: CV-Online

Date: 2018 02 01

Location: Pylimo street 21B

Number of participants: 70

TOP Employer Election 2018 – This is the eighth annual CV-Online portal-initiated event for HR professionals, managers and team, which was also organized this year by Eventum Group. The best CEOs of Lithuanian and multinational companies and their representatives took part in the Pavilion space and received awards for their achievements in 2017.

The phrase in the exclusive invitation text: “Only thanks to the efforts of the ice team, has your organization reached the tip of the iceberg, you are a company to work in.” Had a visual follow-up to the event itself. Stylish minimalist decorations imitating icebergs attracted the eye, while aesthetically pleasing snacks attracted the palate. The winners of six nominations (Trade, Finance, IT / Telecommunication, Transport / Logistics, Industry / Manufacturing, and TOP Employer) were announced after the ice-makers effectively cracked a block of ice, featuring the names of the winners of the first three places. The moderators – Mantas Bartuševičius, a humorous, good-humored and always-witty man, and his helper, who learns to dance, talk and even joke – Nao Robot, who invited everyone to participate in live voting during the event, had to answer a variety of questions corporate representatives guess what the public voted for.

It is good to contribute to the best of 2017 and at the same time to be proud of their achievements!

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