Opening: New building opening ceremony

Opening: New building opening ceremony

Client: „Nunner Logistics“

Date: 2017 11 18

Location: Liepkalnio g. 172 M

Number of participants: 120

The opening of a new office and warehouse for Nunner Logistics was one of the brightest in 2017 events, because they made their work faster, better, and smoother. Since the customers wanted unconventional solutions at their event, we offered to cut the red ribbon frozen in ice to open the event. Nunner Logistics employees and guests from abroad were greeted with an interactive tour of the new office, tailored to their specifics, and during the evening, innovative activities were introduced: a human-interacting robot and virtual reality goggles in the air and exclusive photo activity in the dark. The stage’s huge LED screen, featuring colorful and stylish visuals and an interactive game with a voting link, high quality and specially themed light effects, created a real celebration, and Jurgis Didžiulis show brought all the guests closer and sang with Jurgis songs are danced by those who say, never dance!

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