Corporate event: Mafia vs detectives

Corporate event: Mafia vs detectives

Client: UAB „Retal Lithuania“

Date: 2016 12 02

Location: Restaurant „Untold“

Number of participants: 90

A mysterious evening at the Untold restaurant brought together guests with true Sherlock Holmes and mafia characters. From the very outset, a huge contribution was made to the successful games by distributing themed evening dollars for the guests. The main game was not easy but very fun and engaging for the whole team. The appointed sheriffs, in collaboration with colleagues and reading the clues provided, had to find mafia representatives who had successfully integrated into the squad.

While playing this detective game, guests were able to challenge themselves in many other activities. Everyone participated in fun games led by Arnas Shimonis, the host of the evening. The collective showed their knowledge in the battle of the protagonists, the acting skills in the film staging game, and new recruits took part in the “Godfather’s Baptism” quiz. Throughout the evening, guests could also participate in a bomb-clearing mission with 3D virtual reality goggles. The work of the mine clearance workers was not easy, which allowed the brave mine clearanceers to receive additional evening dollars for their mission.

The evening of mafia and detectives was decorated with an acoustic performance by a guitar virtuoso, a company employee, and a celebratory awards ceremony. At the end of the evening, detectives introduced the suspected criminals and revealed who the mafia was in disguise. Shortly thereafter, a cake was brought into the hall – a real decoration for the celebration. As the evening culminated, a buzzing and excited auction began, where guests could spend the evening’s themed dollars.

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