Corporate event: Nasdaq Elements

Corporate event: Nasdaq Elements

Client: AB „Nasdaq Vilnius“

Date: 2017 06 03

Location: Homestead Zeimenos vingis

Number of participants: 200

The 4 elements are perhaps the brightest symbol of harmony. The differences and harmony of the members of the team were demonstrated by the employees of NASDAQ during the summer event.

The party started with a special train on the NASDAQ, where not only did the music sound, but every member of the celebration could learn more about the qualities of their zodiac. The guests were delighted by the themed train wagons – the heat of the lights lit up the fire, the airmen on the train caused havoc by throwing paper airplanes, while the quiet and restrained peasants could lie on the grass and play board games while waiting for colleagues cold drinks from the inflatable pool.

In the homestead, the elemental struggle also took place in four thematic zones: participants had to fly through the trampoline, shoot arrows or water, and drop and catch water balloons. The fiery rockets flew all day long, trying to hit the center of the target, and there was no shortage of bull power and teamwork in space. Of course, we did not have a photo contest featuring the elements, with a panel of two professional photographers, and the winners enjoyed themed prizes – horseback riding, water boarding, etc.

The event also featured a themed machine built by the guests themselves, starting with a candle that burned the thread and incorporating all the existing elements, based on the Rube Goldberg device principle.

As the train traveled back, we watched representatives of the various elements teams mingle, rest, socialize, celebrate, observe and complement each other.

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