Meeting: GALA Dinner

Meeting: GALA Dinner

Client: BAFF

Date: 2017 12 02

Location: Pirklių klubas

Number of participants: 130

The annual Gala Thanksgiving dinner at the Merchants Club dictated the high level of the event, but the atmosphere was cozy and friendly as most of the participants had not seen for more than a year and nurtured friendly feelings for each other to inaugurate the newcomers. A specially arrived chef from London created the menu for the Gala Thanksgiving dinner, which focused on the ceremonial turkey cut on the stage with subtle and non-binding jazz music. Towards the end of the evening, enjoying delicious desserts made by our trusted partners, all guests stayed away from the photo booth, which provided countless good emotions, laughter, and a true Vitamin C cartridge to keep you strong and healthy all winter long!

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