Corporate anniversary: 11 years celebration

Corporate anniversary: 11 years celebration

Client: Alwark

Date: 2018 02 10

Location: Grand Spa Lietuva

Number of participants: 112

Alwark’s 11th birthday at Grand Spa Lietuva in Druskininkai was full of good emotions, excitement and smiles. During the day, Alwark staff had an annual conference to discuss the results of their work, and in the evening, they were greeted by a beautifully lit balloon installation on stage, a grand Lithuanian facts exhibition, technology activities: a robot that can identify, talk to, and even display emotions with the person talking to it, and virtual reality goggles.

Okata, a group of Lithuanian folk motifs along with electronics, was chosen to open the event and started the event with a good mood and a professional and original sound. The main activity of the event was a crypto game, where all guests eagerly and enthusiastically participated in the search for the missing act of Alwark’s longevity. Parallel to the action of the charismatic lead actor Audrius Bruz, the participants were able to earn extra points, so the participants also willingly showed initiative.

The evening’s program ended with a witty nomination by live vote, and the awesome Ethno flashmob led by renowned country dancer and choreographer Marijan Staniulėn escorted the winners and winners of the evening.

Alwark’s birthday congratulations were continued by Tadas Juodsnukis with a live band, who sang the best-known Lithuanian schlagers and invited all guests to the dance floor, which after his concert, Tadas gave up to the DJ and his most popular European hits.

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