Įmonės šventė: ECO FUTURE FEST

Įmonės šventė: ECO FUTURE FEST

Klientas: Sicor Biotech – TEVA

Data: 2016 07 30

Vieta: Alaušas valley

During the organization of TEVA’s summer event, we considered the values of the company and created the activities that represent a fine leisure time of an employee and its family. The most loyal employees were awarded. Children enjoyed the street circus performance and the foam discotheque where their parents also have been involved! The most curious ones had fun in the handcraft workshops and watched the chemists and physicists performances, as well as participated in various degustations and took photos in the thematic photo session. The active ones competed in the stationary bikes, basketball or soccer activities. Every visitor could find his own favourite activity and enjoy a perfect weather along with the best company. All activities were full of the future and ecology trends.

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