Corporate event: Amber Summer fest

Corporate event: Amber Summer fest

Client: AB Amber Grid

Date: 2016 06 04

Location: sodyba "Guosta"

An event whose pictures convey the emotion of the day perfectly. It was festive and friendly, but at the same time passionate and combative. The united teams – yellow, green, blue and red – just got their colored headscarves, clasped into four united fists and, after inventing their names and slogans, practicing, competed for the best. On a day that everyone had long remembered for the reddish-red tan (probably the hottest day of the summer), we invited teams to freshen up with ice cream or water balloons, but that’s about it from the start.

Everything could be found at this AMBER GRID summer celebration, but as the majority of the participants were men, physical matches dominated the show where they could demonstrate their strength, aptitude or sporting skills. Just for the sake of simplicity, we didn’t hesitate to play traditional basketball, which we all know. There were many more basketball hoops, and the spirit of football was supported by a professional goalkeeper who blocked players’ 11-meter penalties and football, which also turned the balls into balls. The volleyball ball was filled with water balloons, and childhood was reminiscent of iron, both small and gigantic. For men, it was fun to construct, and for women, karting, while the most athletic were faster than karting, playing orienteering and hanging between trees. Women especially loved the tent and luggage area where they not only rested (for the lake shore), but also competed in a series of simple but complex rounds – cans, king pads, ninja roulette, horseshoes and much more. Between colored flags and balloons, one could try quieter board games or even watch spectacular performances by scientists.

After all-day competitions and finals, where teams delegated their best, of course, there were awards and a Nitrogen vaporizing performance. When everyone was full and full of saturation, they fell into their sacks and admired the fire show and the lightning in the homestead pond. Here’s how AMBER GRID celebrates!

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