Corporate anniversary: TV show

Corporate anniversary: TV show

Client: UAB „Magnus Logistics“

Date: 2017 05 12

Location: Vaidila theater

Number of participants: 80

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Magnus Logistics staff set up their own TV studio! Entering the red carpet, the guests took care of unconventional photos and decorated the covers of famous magazines. The show began cheerfully and smoothly, curated by presenter Manto. Together with Magnus Logistics, we had a great 10 years watching a short and interesting movie.

The staff took over and the show continued with the official staff awards, which included fun, unexpected nominations, the winners of which were voted on by the staff themselves. When they came to receive the awards, the guests went on to have a snappy interview with presenter Manto and did some small tasks. The team also tried to guess what their colleagues like most about “What does Magnus think?” The celebration was crowned with an unconventional but delicious cupcake cake and glowing confetti that filled the entire event space with charm. The evening group was excited and enthusiastic. We are confident that tonight’s live show will surely exceed all viewership records.

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