Corporate anniversary: 6 senses

Corporate anniversary: 6 senses

Client: UAB „Kotryna Group“

Date: 2017 09 07

Location: Vaidila theater

Number of participants: 150

Kotryna Group is a company celebrating its 25th anniversary, which we have escorted to a wonderful world of 6 senses by launching an event at the Catherine Church with music by Bel Canto, the best choir in Lithuania. The second part of the event, held at the Vaidila Theater of Exceptional Beauty, was a fragrance of luxury, highlighted by stylish accents of light and gentle shades of corporate color, and the Gala Gala was chosen by trusted partners whose quality of service and service met all highest standards. . Activities tailored to each sensation: photo activity with a choice of background, a circle of sensations where the lucky ones could win great prizes, a corporate jubilee painting of all guests together with the artist, were created to enhance the unity, commonality and strength of the company and successful forward movement. The talent of the Kotryna group was selected by direct voting, and it turned out that the company is very strong and interesting, and during the concert of Vilija Matačiūnaitė a group of happy people were ready to dance till the morning!

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