Corporate event: IT is ART & ART IS IT EN

Corporate event: IT is ART & ART IS IT EN

Client: UAB „Tieto Lietuva“

Date: 2016 12 16

Location: „Vilnius Tech Park“

Number of participants: 80

This event, with the theme ‘IT is ART & ART is IT’, was bright, innovative and unforgettable. It was an evening where technology and art blended into one and gave unforgettable moments. After all, technology is the greatest art, and art is inseparable from technology.
The guests gathered in a modern and innovative Vilnius Tech Park on a path marked by light. Wearing brilliant bracelets, the participants played an evening game of familiarity. During this, he had to take a photo with his colleague’s specially prepared business card for the evening, using modern Printa Print photography services. The event was opened by a stunning fashion show, attended by the company staff dressed in clothing created by designers Morta Nakaitė and Iveta Butkevičiūtė. They were escorted by a kinetic wall, as well as a television installation. Immediately after the show and the event opened, the Mannequin Challenge was conducted.

For the innovative evening, an APPS gadget was created, during which the guests played “What Tieto Thinks” and then voted and selected award winners. Winners’ prizes were printed throughout the evening by a 3D printer. In their spare time, the collective could awaken the composers in their midst and create their own company tunes with Mash Machine music-making technology. Also, it was possible to look at the stunts shown by the event’s host, the physicist scientist, Pijus Vaškevičius. The celebration was culminated in the ceremony of presenting a cake with the company logo and a terrific performance by music group SillyCut.


With no shortage of time or challenge to implement the theme, the Eventumgroup team created a great atmosphere not only during the event, but throughout the process leading up to it! Thank you very much for your patience and total dedication to the details of the event and the quick response to any unexpected changes. We are very pleased with the cooperation throughout the process. You are a great, creative and unlimited team, we wish you success in your future projects!

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