Corporate event: Christmas of Lithuania

Corporate event: Christmas of Lithuania

Client: UAB Neste Lietuva

Date: 2016 12 22

Location: Verkiai mansion

Number of participants: 45

Neste Lietuva UAB is a loyal, delicate, responsible and highly valued customer, because most of our ideas and the view that the event can be much more than entertainment. So this year, at one of our first meetings, we debated a mature topic that we felt responsible to prepare in the most tasteful but diverse way possible. Lithuanian Christmas. Are they always satisfied only by spinning the wheel and watching the hanging gardens hanging quietly in the ceiling?

Our Lithuanian Christmas started long before the event, when the whole Neste Lithuania office was buzzing about how to prepare for such an event. Still, the whole turmoil was over, as the guests on the day admired their wisdom and each individual’s glimpse of what was Lithuanian. Girls and women crossed with box office trunks, wreaths of grasses, and men with folk band patterns. So, we are far from being a nation of amber and linen!

The gorgeous guests of the event were greeted with clay scrolling handsets and cast lots to determine which region of Lithuania they would represent that evening. Green screen photographers with traditional folk backgrounds were eagerly waiting at the entrance, and further down the aisle, they could learn how to make straw toys that could not only be taken home or handed over to a colleague, but also used as Neste. Christmas trees, which after the event were delivered to UAB Neste Lietuva office, decoration. The green Lithuanian Christmas tree dressed during the event was similar to another extremely popular activity, the magic corner, where the ethnologist explained the meaning of wax drawings and other traditional Christmas spells.

Interestingly, the event was hosted by an unusual duo, Domantas Bugailiškis, a popular, youthful and accomplished presenter, and Lijana Šarkaitė, a connoisseur of Lithuanian celebrations, customs, costume designs and other important meanings. The contrasting tandem kept guests from getting bored, as wisdom changed entertainment and vice versa. During the evening, guests took part in a traditional quiz, where the smartest ones were rewarded with honey or a woven book tab (after all, we escorted a year of librarianship!). The production of the Neste calendar made the event even more meaningful. During the meeting, all employees of UAB Neste Lietuva were invited to find colleagues born in the same month according to the given lists and to get creative in the background chosen in accordance with the traditions of the old holidays. Thus, what is Lithuanian and made by themselves will accompany UAB Neste Lietuva employees throughout the year, reminding them of the birthdays of colleagues born this month.

After dinner, participants enjoyed the taste of five Baltic-based alcoholic beverages and the stories behind their recipes, told by a connoisseur. The smartest were left unpaid here – we gave bottles of milk made of live fir branches to all connoisseurs of drinks and history. Still, the Lithuanian spirit of the evening’s raisin turned into a surprise surprise for colleagues – a five-region men’s and women’s costume fashion show featured by everyday collaborators – left spectators unsuspecting or involved in a fun DJ and live musical group conversation that eventually unfolded games. Say what you want. Have fun !!!

After dancing, as we cooled down, we set off and followed the path of the torches up to the altar where the fire was burning, inviting everyone to say a word of wish to the collective, amidst the flare of fire caused by amber dust. Fire is one of the essential elements of Lithuanian culture, so as the accords sounded, the guests watched a continuation of their wishes, a factorial show that used the most prominent traditional symbols. After such a deep and meaningful rite outside, we invited you back to earth and the whirlwind of fun in a completely different evening space waiting for the most active guests on the dance floor!

We enjoyed this event wholeheartedly because we received not only a great product, but also denied the myth that celebrating in Lithuania was to sit quietly in a circle, fireplace or pulling straw from under the table. It was meaningful and fun!

Briefly about the work of the organizers before and during the event: clear communication, meeting deadlines, kind cooperation and care for every detail. The event met our expectations, thank you!
On behalf of the whole team of UAB “Neste Lietuva”, we would like to thank the team of UAB “Tekvila” for the wonderfully organized celebration, care and cooperation from the very beginning of the idea to the final result!
We had the opportunity to participate in the traditional Neste Lithuania winter celebration, where we looked at our origins through a modern prism.

Edita Mikėnė
Administrator / HR Coordinator
UAB “Neste Lietuva”

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