Corporate event: 100 to Lithuania

Corporate event: 100 to Lithuania

Client: Eugesta

Date: 2018 01 26

Location: Restaurant "Terazza"

Number of participants: 130

The year 2018 is especially important for Lithuania, celebrating the centenary of independence, which for every citizen is the starting point of the country’s prosperity. This year has become a milestone for Eugesta as the company celebrates its 25th birthday.

Just upon arrival at the Terraza restaurant, guests immersed themselves in the spirit of Lithuania: they were greeted by themed decorations, a Lithuanian banquet table, a Century Lottery, where participants could only answer a question after viewing the Centenary Exhibition, which celebrates hundreds of interesting facts about our country. Also, the Eugesta team could remember the events of January 13th by taking part in the virtual reality entertainment “Code 13”.

During the opening ceremony host Domantas Bugailiškis commemorated the centenary of Lithuania’s independence, Eugesta and presented a gift to both anniversaries – an oak seedling to be planted in April at a location chosen by Eugesta.

After a rich dinner, the game “Lithuanian of the Century” began. At the beginning of the event, all the guests of the event were divided into teams that competed in several stages of the game. The groups were able to demonstrate their knowledge: Lithuanian culture, folk wisdom, and knowledge of the Eugesta collective.

In the pre-event vote, a corporate hero was selected, who was handed a corporate act at the culmination of the evening and was required to collect the signatures of all signatories – the evening’s attendees.

Of course, the winners of the “Lithuanian of the Century” game and the lottery winners were awarded.

After all the awards, Tadas Juodsnukis, who was armed with Lithuanian songs, stepped on the stage and did not leave.

Let us take the example of the Eugesta team and celebrate Lithuania’s independence and cherish our traditions!

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