Įmonės renginys: Inovacijų vakaras

Įmonės renginys: Inovacijų vakaras

Klientas: UAB „TELE2“

Data: 2016 12 12

Vieta: Vaidilos teatras

Dalyvių skaičius: 170

There is no better way to celebrate the telecommunication company’s event than creating a true festival of innovations where visitors had a chance to try virtual photo wall, musical stairs or see a spectacular LED cubes, acrobats, juggler bartender and other unforgettable moments. Famous people, such as Vytautas Rumšas junior, Arnoldas Lukošius and the singer Mantas Jankavičius, ensured the evening to be truly memorable. The event was hosted by already mentioned Vytautas Rumšas junior along with his partner – robot humanoid Nao, so the duo was something that guests will remember for a very long time.

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