Corporate event: Secret box

Corporate event: Secret box

Client: Tele2

Date: 2018 12 13

Location: Kablys

Number of participants: 180

And what if you went to a party whose secret is only revealed during the evening? It was this party that was waiting for the innovative Tele2 team to open the mystery box during the party.

One winter evening, dressed-up guests gathered at the Culture Bar – Kabli, who were greeted from the entry into the space by a vivid installation and green screen photo activity where participants could relocate to an entirely different space. Upon entering another room, they were greeted by a cartoonist who, after a close look, depicted the person, highlighting the guest’s face, mimicry, or character. Going further, Cozmo’s robot didn’t want to land in the game and showed intense emotion when losing.

Turn your head left, are you already in a social game? No? Find your colleague and meet him again.

And what’s next? It is a vivid image that can only look closely at the plasticity of the human body. It’s time to open the door to the main hall. Please come in.

Feel the pleasant aroma on the left side of the hall? To some purpose. There was a game of smells waiting for the guests, and the colleagues on the right competed in the fun of brainstorming and taking photos with the mirror, because the pictures look even better when you see yourself.

Take it a step further, for there are three stylish food tables waiting for you: a forest that looks like you’ll be thrown into the woods, urban – occupying all city bars and cafes and the oceans – ocean projections on this LED table complemented by nothing more than aquariums fish. And here he is, the Secret Box. Throughout the evening, the guests did not know what performances awaited them, only one thing was clear – the cube communicates with the guests and prepares the performance according to the emotions of the audience. The energy of the cube was conveyed by the presenters Audrius Bružas and Ineta Stasiulytė, and the idea of ​​the cube was conveyed virtually by the appearance of bubble lasers, LED screen, dancers’ performances and musical inserts. When the whole emotion of the event culminated in the stage, Donatas Montvydas stepped on and forced everyone to continue to spread only positive emotions.

We create the party together and its mood depends on the involvement of the participants. Secret Box – Great proof of that.

P.S. will you come to reveal the mystery and you?

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