Corporate anniversary: CHANGES DRIVE INNOVATION

Corporate anniversary: CHANGES DRIVE INNOVATION

Client: Modus Group

Date: 2017 12 02

Location: Vilnius Grand Resort

Number of participants: 470

The theme of the event was chosen in the light of the continuous positive changes in the company, which force us to stand still, improve and seek even more innovative solutions. Modus Group employees are always one step ahead, risk-averse and ever-changing, so many unconventional solutions have been used to create a real wave of surprises and impressions. The event was opened by the entry of the charismatic and professional men’s group Subtilu-Z from the front door, broadcast live via an LED screen, and two presenters greeted the stage and hosted the whole event – Algis Ramanauskas and robot Nao. A large part of the program, at the request of customers, consisted of company employee awards, with inserts filled with stunning performances on the stage: tricks of true physics and science connoisseurs, a spectacular body transformation show in magic arcs and a dimming LED reflection dance show. The highlights of the evening were innovative activities: a playful staircase, a kinetic wall with the company logo and the name of the event flickering, and a robot interacting with guests that gave the best emotions. Properly selected lights and high-quality sound gave the event the desired quality and exclusivity, and Augustė Vedrickaitė, who was chosen for the dance, with her lively sound group, captured the whole audience willing to celebrate with smiles and good mood!

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