Corporate Anniversary: Conference

Corporate Anniversary: Conference

Client: UAB Finėjas

Date: 2019 06 15

Location: Vilnius Grand Resort

Number of participants: 180

As the client expressed his desire to celebrate the company’s 25th anniversary in an original way, we invited guests to a conference with a fun evening. The most prominent speakers in the country shared their wisdom on effective communication, emotion and motivation. In the western part we rewarded our long-time employees, tasted a spectacular cake, watched magician’s tricks and spit till dawn.


On behalf of Finejas Group, we thank the entire Team of Eventum Group for a well-organized anniversary summer event – the Forum. Thank you for being able to sense our needs, submit and properly execute the event format. The forum instantly involved attendees and a spirited evening program brought our team together even more. In a relatively short period of time, we have become convinced that initiative, openness and responsibility are our common values, which only lead to a very good result. We wish you to remain so creative, good luck to you in all your projects!

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