Corporate event: The Balts

Corporate event: The Balts

Client: UAB "Skubios siuntos"

Date: 2015 08 22

Location: Rokiškės km.

Number of participants: 120

We were resting with Baltic company “Skubios sending” because nature can be both an inspiration and a respite. traditions and lifestyle in a historically important place of Lithuania – in the Rokiškės forest on the bank of the Neris River, right next to the historic Lithuanian capital Kernavė.
As soon as they arrived, all participants were divided into teams and represented a particular Baltic tribe – the Curonian, the Selonian, the Jotvingians, the Semigallians, and so on. During the day, all the tribes settled in their campgrounds, cooked on the campfire, participated in active, authentic, engaging games that required them to practice their dexterity, logical thinking, and concentration. In the evening, a mobile bath and bathing in the Neris, barbecue barbecue, home-made beer, kvass and rituals by the fire were all waiting. At night everyone was amazed and excited by the nighttime hike and dancing to the morning with ByTikZyz.

In the program:
Getting acquainted with the old Baltic lifestyle and lifestyle.
Authentic Old Outdoor Games.
Cooking stew on a campfire and evening rite.
Concentration rituals and conversations in an ancient tent are typical.
Mobile sauna
Night game of senses
Dance with ByTikZyz

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