Camp: Maximalists

Camp: Maximalists

Client: Maxima

Date: 2018 07 16

Location: Homestead "Aerodream"

Number of participants: 74

For the fifth year in a row, in organizing the Maxima Workers’ Children’s Camp of AB Maxima, we decided to focus on the centenary of Lithuanian independence – the most gifted and well-educated children were invited to the Children of the Century camp.

Inspired by the TV game “Millennium Children” campers, we offered a program for children of the year to find out which team of the Maximalist camp is worthy of the title of “Children of the Century”. Four teams competed daily in competitive tasks and matches with the famous names “Freedom”, “Vivacity”, “Courage”, and “Wisdom”: During the game “Schiffromania”, they explored what are the various codes and artefacts, trying to be the fastest by inflatable 38 meters. He participated in the Science and Physics Tournament, created the simulators of his dream states and made the final game of the Children of the Century, where they were asked about various questions about Lithuania, its achievements in the world, various team and personal tasks.

Each year, the camp program strives to ensure that children not only have meaningful and meaningful leisure time, but also grow up to be civic and socially responsible personalities. That is why this year we invited children to take part in the “100 jars jam” social action. The chef of the Kitchen Myth Destroyers and one of the most famous Lithuanian culinary artists Alfas Ivanauskas, who came to the camp, helped the children achieve the goal of the campaign – even more than 100 jars of strawberries, pineapple, nectarines and apples were donated to the Order of Malta.

Kristina Meide, Director General of Maxima AB, also visited the camp, which opened this year’s camp and encouraged the children to pursue their dreams and to realize that everything is back to work. These words of Kristina Meidė were confirmed by Andrius Tapinas, another guest of the camp. Sharing his success story, he reiterated the importance of not only dreaming, but also having a detailed plan for how to achieve those dreams and not give up in the face of failure.

It is very symbolic that the “Freedom” team has won the “Children of the Century” camp dedicated to the centenary of Lithuanian Independence!

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